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An informative podcast featuring Web3, and crypto news as well as interviews and reviews of new crypto projects and revolutionary entities.

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The DOI Coin

An informative podcast featuring crypto new, ground breaking interviews, updates, and discussion on how we can find, fund, and fix, the worlds most challenging problems.


Thursday Sep 29, 2022

"Since 2018 Grace Rachmany has been participating in DAOs, speaking and writing about DAOs, and working with tokenomics models. Having consulted with more than 200 projects in the blockchain space gives DAO Leadership unparalleled experience in the area of blockchain, token economics, decentralization and governance." Join Phil Ward and Cory Feco as they tackle another great episode and learn tremendously with their time with Grace Rachmany. 

Tuesday Sep 27, 2022

Envision a world with seamlessly interconnected data, where transparency, resiliency, and immutability create the foundation for a new stage of the economy, and a new era of trust for humankind. Learn more while Phil Ward and Cory Feco go deep into with Andrew on this very interesting episode.

Inside The KINDAO With Patrick

Tuesday Sep 27, 2022

Tuesday Sep 27, 2022

Join us while Phil Ward and Cory Feco take a deeper dive dive into KINDAO and their place in Web3 as Patrick joins us again for another informative episode.

Wednesday Aug 31, 2022

Everyday big brands use YOUR money to fund THEIR values. Stop funding corporate interests and start funding the world you believe in. Start spending YOUR MONEY with the businesses that share YOUR values learn more in this entertaining yet informative episode where we bring in Terry Crandell from Voting Smarter


Wednesday Aug 31, 2022

Wednesday Aug 31, 2022

The KIN DAO; Employing digital tools to bring equitable systems to the physical through Art, Collective Land Stewardship and Regenerative Systems Creation. Join us while we take you on ride with this podcast featuring some of the wonderful people from KIN DAO.

Saturday Aug 13, 2022

"Crowd Funded Cures’ mission is to incentivize clinical trials for off-patent therapies that are otherwise ignored because a monopoly price cannot be enforced with patents". Learn more with this entertaining and informative podcast with the guys with Crowd Funded Cures.

Monday Aug 08, 2022

Join us for a informative and entertaining conversation with David and Felix from MovementDAO and how they plan to use their experimental platform to build community-governed projects for social good! 

Thursday Jul 28, 2022

"Community of Vanlifers acquiring and maintaining camping/parking resorts and putting  on events/projects to strengthen our community" learn more while we do deep dive with special guest Favian.

Monday Jul 18, 2022

Join us for an informative deep dive on Sporos DAO with special guest Kyler.

AMA With ZuccheroDAO!!

Wednesday Jul 13, 2022

Wednesday Jul 13, 2022

Join us for an informative AMA with the guys behind ZuccheroDAO and the journey they're
taking to get more affordable insulin to the people.

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